Integrate Flash

2. First, name your movie clip and export to swf:

3. Drag your swf file to BWFlash.

4. Package the export images by TexturePakcer into Assets/images.

5. Drag the demo-swf.bytes into Assets/flashs/, and now your Unity folders like below:

If you can't see demo-tp.txt, reimport the demo.png file.

6. Use it in your codes:

                        //import the images
                        CCSpriteFrameCache.sharedSpriteFrameCache.addSpriteFramesWithFile ("images/demo");
                        //load the flash file
                        BBFlash flash = BBFlashFactory.LoadFlash ("flashs/demo-swf.bytes");
                        //create movie clip from flash
                        BBFlashMovie demo = flash.cteMovie ("wizard");
                        demo.position = CCDirector.sharedDirector.winSize * 0.5f;
                        addChild (demo);

That's it! Now you can see the wizard in unity:


If your image is at a large size, drag your movie clip to the main scene in fla file, and scale it, then BWFlash will export resources with autofit size.