• Q: What dose cocos2d-unity do?

    A: You can code your game in unity like cocos2d-objc in xcode, and build it to platforms which supported by unity.

  • Q: Is it stable?

    A: cocos2d-unity2.0.1-alpha is a alpha version now. Our RPG game Clumsy Knight 2 was developed under current version, and looks good.

  • Q: What about the performance?

    A: Check out our RPG game Clumsy Knight 2. You can do the same performance as well.

  • Q: What's the BIG WOOD FLASH?

    A: A convenient library make you works easily with flash files.

  • Q: Why unity?

    A: Cocos2d-objc is good, and Unity is good, so why not?

  • Q: Performance tips for Unity 2d mobile

    A: http://divillysausages.com/2016/01/21/performance-tips-for-unity-2d-mobile/

  • Q: Implements iAP for iOS and android

    A: http://know.soom.la/unity/store.

  • Q: A Method for Working with Shared Code with Unity and Git

    A: http://blog.prime31.com/a-method-for-working-with-shared-code-with-unity-and-git/